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Published: 02 April 2024

Windlesham Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 26th March 2024
Update for the residents of Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham
from the Chair of Council - Councillor Alf Turner
Please find below my update for residents of Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham on our recent Parish Council meeting. Despite being shorter than usual, the meeting addressed several significant topics, including matters from the Annual Parish Meeting held the previous week.
Additionally, Members noted that it had come to their attention only a few days prior, that the Windlesham Village Councillors along with three Borough Councillors have requested a Community Governance Review from Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC), see below for more details.
I hope you find this report useful and would welcome any comments either directly or through local councillors - see the links below for contact details.
1. Public Comments & Question Time
There was only 1 member of the public present and no questions.
2. Feedback from the Annual Parish Meeting - 19th March St Annes Church Bagshot
Overall, the meeting was deemed successful, receiving positive feedback from both councillors and members of the public in attendance. Two written comments were received: one highly praising the content and organisation of the meeting, while the other suggested there should have been more opportunity for resident discussion.
A copy of the presentation on the WPC strategic plan and the progress as well as the documents themselves are available on the following links:
Additionally, a summary of the comments and actions from the meeting can be viewed here and are now being followed up by councillors (both Borough and Parish) as appropriate. Updates will be provided to Full Council in due course.
3. Request of a Corporate Governance Review
A few days prior to the Full Council meeting Members had been informed that the Windlesham Village Councillors along with three Borough Councillors have requested a Community Governance Review from Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC).
The Chair expressed disappointment that the Windlesham Village Councillors had made this request without the knowledge of the Council.
The aim of this review is to degroup Windlesham North and South Wards from the current Parish Council to establish a new, independent Parish Council for those areas. The Chair of the Council acknowledged that while the request was not up for discussion during this meeting, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) will be arranged in the coming weeks. The purpose of this EGM will be for the Council to carefully consider the Council’s position and the potential impact of this request on the residents of the Parish.
4. Replacement of Windmill Field Playground, Windlesham
The Council unanimously approved a motion to allocate up to £65,000 for the replacement of the playground, with the condition that at least 50% or more of the funds are sourced externally, primarily from SHBC. It's important to note that the playground is owned by SHBC, and the Parish Council operates under a maintenance agreement with them.
5. Playground Inspections
To comply with statutory requirements, all playgrounds throughout the parish must undergo regular inspections to assess their condition and safety. Currently this is carried out by an external contractor, however, at the meeting it was decided to bring this in house and train a member of the parish staff to handle these inspections internally.
6. Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan Review
Meetings continue with a working party of councillors and residents to review and update the current Neighbourhood plan. It was agreed to establish a dedicated Neighbourhood Plan SharePoint site for members to have access to review and input documents.
7. Other Business
Regular reports on parish finances confirmed that the Parish was within budget for the current year, with any underspends being allocated into reserves as planned.
A soakage test has been finalised for Bagshot Chapel, which is a crucial step in addressing current drainage issues. Additionally, quotations are being obtained for carrying out repairs of Bagshot war memorial and to refurbish the lettering on the war memorials in Lightwater and Windlesham, all of which are Grade II listed.
A notice of intent to sell the land at Hook Mill Lane Depot will be published in the Surrey Advertiser for two consecutive weeks starting from March 22nd.
Booklets on the Annual Report, Strategic Plan Update and Precept changes are now being distributed to key points across the parish for residents. 
Next meeting & Events
• Planning Committee – Wednesday 17th April and Tuesday 23rd April
• Personnel Meeting – Tuesday 16th April
• Lightwater Village Committee – Tuesday 16th April
• Full Council Meeting – Tuesday 23rd April
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Alf Turner
Chair of Windlesham Parish Council
31st March 2024


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