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Committees - Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

Full Council

All Councillors attend the Full Council Committee


Committee Members: Cllr Goodman, Cllr Harris, Cllr Trentham, Cllr Halovsky-Yu, Cllr White, Cllr Gordon

Civic Amenities & Recreation

Committee Members: Cllr Jennings-Evans, Cllr Hartshorn, Cllr Galliford, Cllr Halovsky-Yu, Cllr Hansen-Hjul, Cllr White

Finance & General Purposes

Committee Membership: Cllr Bakar, Cllr Hartshorn, Cllr Goodman, Cllr Gordon, Cllr Trentham Cllr Malcaus Cooper

Business Planning-Dispanded November 18

Committee Membership: Cllr Halovsky-Yu (Chair), Cllr Reynolds, Cllr Chambers, Cllr Trentham (Vice-Chair), Cllr Malcaus Cooper, Cllr Stacey, Cllr Sturt


Committee Membership: Cllr Jennings-Evans, Cllr White, Cllr Galliford, Cllr Barnett, Cllr Malcaus Cooper, Cllr Willgoss

Cemeteries Committee

Committe Membership: Cllr Malcaus Cooper, Cllr Hartshorn, Cllr Trentham, Cllr Harris, Cllr Manley, Cllr Willgoss

The minutes available on this website are in draft form. The signed adopted minutes are available upon request.

Telephone: 01276 471675

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