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Windlesham Village Rejuvenation Project UPDATE

Published: 04 February 2020

Following a public meeting held in September, residents were given the opportunity to respond to two short questionnaires. The first asked what was currently liked and disliked about the village centre and future aspirations for the village centre. The second questionnaire asked for opinions about speed reduction in 3 specific village locations.

The results of these surveys can be found here:

Village centre questionnaire

Speed reduction questionnaire  


At the Parish meeting on Tuesday 28th January, Cllr Goodman gave the following update on the project.

The Parish have supported improvements to traffic in Windlesham and have provided initial funds for this purpose. The approach has been to decide an overall scheme and then break this down into stages.

  1. The centre
  2. Roads leading to the start  of the village
  3. Heathpark Drive

Data from the WNP was used together with suggestions by the public during the consultation in September. There was no universal suggestion of what would resolve the traffic issues and was affordable.

A walk around the village with Parish Councillors and officers took place in December. This confirmed that there is no easy solution to the challenges faced. 

Highways officers have been reviewing the data and their own experiences and are considering potential ideas to put to the public.

What is being proposed is we action as soon as possible the resurfacing of Chertsey Road and particularly the centre with an anti-skid surface and at the same time implement two uncontrolled, informal crossings and a reduction in speed to 20 MPH. This will help to control speeds but will not be the whole answer.

The task group with highway officers will meet in February and agree suggestions to put to residents at a formal consultation.

If residents have any further ideas in advance of the task group meeting could you please let the Parish office know and we can see if these can be included in the consultation.


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