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ANPR Cameras in Windlesham

Published: 30 April 2019

Regarding the recent announcements relating to ANPR cameras to be deployed in Windlesham, the Police and ANPR Manager have provided the following statement to ensure that all residents are clear about the situation

Statement from Paul Palmer, ANPR Manager Surrey and Sussex Police:

“We are jointly responding to some recent publicity regarding Automatic Number Plate Recognition in the village. We do so to correct a number of inaccuracies and to ensure that residents are clear as to what is going on.

Village representatives were informed that a number of re-deployable ANPR cameras are available to the Police. These will be deployed to help tackle emerging crime, special events, etc. Given the emerging burglary issue locally Surrey Police looked at temporarily siting ANPR cameras to help support the local policing team. We wish to make it clear that ANPR cameras are only approved for deployment for a temporary period of time. This was explained at the time.

Although over-size goods vehicles in the village was discussed, this has no connection with the temporary ANPR cameras that will be positioned at Police agreed locations strategically placed on feeder routes into the village, these will be away from the HGV limits. They will not, and indeed cannot, be utilised for any HGV infringements.

The ANPR initiative that aims to support the local community has become somewhat distorted in translation and we hope this sets the record straight.”



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