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Bagshot Committee Grants 2021-2022

Bagshot Committee has various grants available this year ranging from- capital grants, open spaces maintenance grants, community pride grants and a small grant funding stream for village events. The grant policy for each committee along with the criteria and application procedure for each grant can be found below:


Bagshot Committee – Grant window opens on the 1st October 2021

Grant Policy

Grants Available

A General Grant is a payment made by the Parish Council to a qualifying organisation for a specific purpose that will benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Parish Council. A maximum of £1,500 can be applied for.

Open Spaces Maintenance Grants are for the maintenance of Open Spaces including ancillary facilities essential to their use. A maximum of £1,500 can be applied for.
General grants and open spaces grants will open to applications between: 1st October 2021 Grant Window Closes: 31st December 2021. Grants will be considered at the meeting of the Village Committee in February 2022 and awards made in February/March 2022.  

Community Pride Grants will enable individual Councillors to support local groups or a worthy causes. Each Councillor will have £500 to allocate at their discretion. All Community pride grants will be subject to a maximum £1,000 per project whether from a singular Councillor or multiple Councillors.

Village Event Grant - this is a small fund accessible to local groups organising community events. The Bagshot Village Committee has set aside £750, per financial year, as a contribution towards the cost of running these events.

Community pride grants and grants for village events will be considered at each meeting of the Full Council up to and including February 2022. 

Application Forms

Grants Under £1000

Grants Over £1000

Community Pride Grants

Village Event Grants

Council has placed a cap on the maximum grant payable to any one organisation of £1,500 per year for both general and open spaces grants. They have discretion to look at awarding higher amounts for one-off higher cost projects, so if an organisation wishes to apply for more than £1,500, a case can be put forward for consideration. A cap has also been introduced for community pride grants where a group applying can have a maximum of £1,000.

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