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Windlesham Parish Council


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Council Committee Meetings 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Completed Council meeting minutes for 2012 are available below (Click on the link).
Minutes for previous years are available from the pages linked to at the bottom of the article. 

The full Council Meeting minutes also include minutes from the three standing commitees.  Please note: Council Minutes do not become a legal record until approved at the next meeting of the full Council

Friday 6th January Minutes      
Tuesday 10th January   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 24th January   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 3rd February Minutes      
Tuesday 7th February   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 21st February   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 2nd March Minutes      
Tuesday 13th March   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 27th March   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 6th April (Good Friday) No meeting      
Friday 13th April Minutes      
Tuesday 27th April   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 4th May ## Minutes      
Tuesday 8th May   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 22nd May   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 1st June Minutes      
Tuesday 12th June   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 19th June Minutes      
Friday 29th June  Minutes 7:30pm   8:00pm
Tuesday 17th July   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 31st July   7:30pm   8:00pm
Tuesday 21st August   7.30 pm    
Friday 7th September Minutes      
Tuesday 11th September   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 25th September   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 5th October Minutes      
Tuesday 9th October   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 23rd October   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 2nd November Minutes      
Tuesday 13th November   7:30pm 8:00pm  
Tuesday 27rd November   7:30pm   8:00pm
Friday 7th December Minutes      
Tuesday 18th December   7:30pm   8:00pm

## Annual Council Meetings





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