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This year Windlesham Parish Council has revised its grant policy. In order to give greater opportunity to more local groups, Council has decided to have two application windows.

1st June 2018 – 31st July 2018 – these grants will be assessed in September and grant payments made in October.

1st October 2018 – 31st December 2018 - these grants will be assessed in February and grant payments made in March.

As well as capital grants and open spaces maintenance grants, Council this year have increased their grant budget to allow for a new type of grant – the Councillor Community Pride Grant. There will be £6,000 for each village (£18,000 total), which Councillors can use to support local causes/groups. This means for this year, each Councillor will have £1,000 available to them.

A further change for this year is Council have decided to place a cap on the maximum grant payable to any one organisation of £3,500 per year (per grant type). They have discretion to look at awarding higher amounts for one-off higher cost projects, so if an organisation wishes to apply for more than £3,500, a case can be put forward for consideration.

The grant policy explains the criteria for qualifying for grants and the procedure to be followed. There are 3 different application forms and the most appropriate form should be completed.

Telephone: 01276 471675

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